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My thoughts on the art around me…strictly positive.


The Shakespeare Company‘s current show, Equivocation, is coming to a close this weekend in Calgary but there are still 2 more chances to see it today at 2:30pm and 7pm.  If you like Shakespeare the you’ll love this. And if Shakespeare is not your thing, then you’ll still like this as it’s more about the man behind the art than the art itself, although the art itself is still brilliant!  Here’s a little bit more about it…

imageRemember, remember, the 5th of November. When Prime Minister Robert Cecil commissions  to write the “True Historie” of the Gunpowder Plot, Shag and his merry men discover the king’s version may be a cover-up. Does he take the money and betray his moral principles or risk his and his fellow Globe actors’ lives by writing a play that tells the truth? Bill Cain’s high stakes political thriller is one of the most intelligent and poignant theatrical plays in decades.?

The play is performed in the Lunchbox Theatre’s space, which is a great venue for this tale.  The intimate setting let’s you feel like you are right there, a part of the conversations.  Also, did I mention that the Lunchbox Theatre allows food and drink in their theatre?  Big Rock Beer is on tap!!

So if you have nothing to do today, or even if you do, make a detour and catch one of the last two shows of The Shakespeare Company’s Equivocation.  You’ll be glad you did!

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The Bone House…

imageIt’s rather late, but I wanted to post this quick before time ran out. While many others were out partying in grand Halloween fashion, a friend and I took in a chilling tale at Apparition Theatre called “The Bone House”. I can’t tell you much about the play without giving something away, but the cast, under the direction of Simon Mallett, did a great job weaving a complicated web. The Bone House draws you in, playing with your senses and leaves you pondering it long after you’ve left the show. It’s definitely not your typical night of theatre. Fortunately for the company, but possibly unfortunately for you, the show has been selling out almost every night and there is only one more chance to see it Saturday (Nov. 1). For those brave souls who would dare, I highly recommend that you do.  If this is the first show from Apparition Theatre, then I look forward to see what they’ll do next.

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