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Photo-A-Day 56 of 366…

In my efforts to turn over a healthy leaf I’m working on being more proactive with my choices.  All the diets or healthy plans I’ve ever attempted all have one thing in common, prep, prep, prep!  So I’m trying to break my bad habits and be more prepared.  Nothing like casseroles in the freezer to start things off right!

“Noodless Lasagna” 

Package of ground beef, 1 large can tomatoe sauce, spice to taste.  

Mix in a spearate bowl: container of cottage cheese, 1 egg, cup of parmesan Cheese (shredded), cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, tsp garlic. 

Layer beef then cheese 2 times.

Top with shredded mixed cheese.

Pop these bad boys in the freezer and take them out as need. Cook them at 425 degrees F for 40 mins (time varries based on your oven)! Broil for the last 3mins to crisp up the cheese on top! Enjoy!  



Tasty Little Cracker…or Crust… or…

So here is a multi faceted little piece of pastry! ¬†Not sure if you can even call it pastry once you hear what it’s made out of.

I’m sure lots of people have posted this recipe before, but here it is again. ¬†It doesn’t really have a specific name, but it’s a pretty versatile recipe. I use it for crackers, pizza crust, hamburger “bun” or “bread” for my sandwiches…just depends on how you slice it. ¬† So here’s the recipe:DSC_0118

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

2 tablespoons cream cheese

3/4  cup almond flour

1 egg

Salt to taste


Microwave your mozza cheese and your cream cheese until smooth (about 1 min). Add almond flour and the egg on top of the flour and sir with spoon until dough like. Spread a piece of parchment paper on your cookie sheet and put the dough on the parchment paper. Spread the dough around using a fork. Poke crust with a fork and put in heated oven.

Cook for 8-12 mins based on the thickness of your dough.


If you want a nice chewy option, I say eat it fresh from the oven!  The thinner you can spread it out on the parchment paper, the crispier it gets!

I usually eat it with fresh guacamole or a tuna mashup!
Hope you enjoy!




Photo 38 of 366…

Let the festivities continue! ¬†Took a little trip out to¬†Banff for a lovely Afternoon Tea with my fellow birthday buddy! ¬†Great weather, the best company and scrumptious food! ¬†What more could a birthday girl ask for! ¬†I really do like celebrating my birthday over multiple days! ¬†Makes a girl feel special! ¬†The Afternoon Tea (aka High Tea) out at the Banff Springs Hotel is delicious! ¬†And the view is definitely worth the price of admission! ¬†If you haven’t been there I highly recommend checking it out! ¬†IMG_1877Ciao,


Photo-A-Day 23 of 366…

Had a lovely long lunch with my friend Janna today. We headed down to Glenmore Landing in south Calgary to the lovely Dove’s Nest. They have a great high tea there but they also have delicious lunch items. The Cotswold Salad was delicious! ¬†Definitely recommend it for a light lunch or the high tea!

Janna and I haven’t really had a chance to hang out in a while so it was nice to just sit and chat. We got there at 1pm and we basically shut the place down at 4:45pm. What can I say, we like our talks!



Tim Tam Slams…

Camping season is basically upon us, and in Southern Alberta, it has been B.E.A.UTIFUL! ¬†So what better time to highlight one of my all time favourite camping treats! ¬†The Tim Tam Slam… all the way from Australia (or so I’ve heard)! ¬†It’s easier than a s’more (but those are still mighty delicious). ¬†So let’s begin!

Step 1:

You need a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee…sorry, never tried it with tea) and a Tim Tam Slam cookie.


Step 2:

Bite off 2 diagonal corners of the cookie.


Step 3:

Suck a bit of your drink through the corners of your cookie, using it like a straw.


Step 4:

After the quick sip through your cookie “straw”, pop the whole cookie in your mouth (some people like to take a bite, but I find the cookie becomes very crumbly, but to each their own).


Step 5:

Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as you like.  Be careful, this delightful treat can be addictive!


Happy Camping All!


Il Sogno…

Let me start off by saying, this is definitely one of my most favourite restaurants in Calgary. ¬†Il Sogno is an elegant little Italian restaurant in the Bridgeland area, a stone’s throw from down town¬†Calgary. They offer good wine, delicious food and a very warm and inviting atmosphere. ¬†So, what did I have? ¬†Well, seeing as it was a special annual Christmas dinner that my friend and I do once a year… I went all out and tried a little something from each selection they had.

Il Sogno at Christmas
This photo doesn’t do it justice…

Mushroom Arancini – words cannot describe how much I loved these three little pieces of delight! ¬†For those that don’t know what arancini is, I can best describe it as kind of a¬†risotto that is rolled into balls, lightly coated in bread crumbs and then fried. Seriously, I could have just eaten those all night!

Braised Pork Belly Ravioli Рa good combination of flavours and an excellent choice if you enjoy something that is a little more salty than your average ravioli.

Cornish Hen – the red wine glaze brings out a lot of flavour and the sweet potato puree was pretty yummy.

Carrot Cake – Can you really go wrong with carrot cake? ¬†Especially when it’s paired with white chocolate caramel and cinnamon gelato! I didn’t think so.

They have a lovely wine list; I tried the¬†Gruen¬†Riesling, Rheingau¬†from Germany… very nice!

So, would I go back? ¬†Absolutely! ¬†As I said before, Il Sogno is one of my favourite restaurant in Calgary! ¬†You should go to 24 4th Street N.E. Calgary and check out why!! ¬†Don’t let the exterior fool you, like someone once said, you don’t judge a book by its cover… it’s what’s inside that counts!

Till Next Time,


Double Zero…

What goes better with creative brainstorming than food? ¬†It’s like they were made for each other! ¬†So it’s no surprise that my meeting earlier this week took me to a new (at least to me) restaurant in the south of Calgary!

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

If you haven’t been to Double Zero in Chinook Centre, you should really check it out. ¬†The decor is fresh and modern, boasting of two levels with floor to ceiling windows.¬† Larger-than-life photos of local folks grace the walls around the restaurant. ¬†The staff is super friendly and attentive, and the Italian inspired food… well, let’s just say I left pretty happy. ¬†Side Note: they have a good¬†looking “Happy Hour” menu that’s available from 3pm – 5pm, Monday to Friday; a perfect way to unwind after work or wrap up a bit of shopping.

IMG_8617So, what did I try?

Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad – tasty, tart, refreshing.

Polynesian Princess Pizza РNice flair on your traditional ham and pineapple pizza. The dough was nice and light, but had a decent size crust.  I particularly liked the little bit of spice that the chili flakes added.

Chocolate Torta – Yum. ¬†Yup, that’s all I got. ¬†I was too busy enjoying it to really make any mental notes ūüôā

Oh, and they had really good coffee!  They only serve milk, no cream, but you hardly needed anything extra.

IMG_8627Would I go back? ¬†For sure! ¬†It definitely felt like a fancier restaurant than I expected to find in a mall, but a great new addition to Chinook Centre! ¬†And they have more than just pizza. ¬†There’s pasta, paninis, items from the grill… I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something you liked. ¬†If South Calgary is too far for you, you can also find them down town in the Core Shopping Centre on 8th Ave and 4th Street.

Till Next Time,


I’m At It Again…

A couple of years ago, I started a blog that was simply a photo a day journey for 365 days. ¬†It was actually a very neat and surprisingly challenging experience. ¬†Well, it’s been a while since I’ve tossed a blog post out there but I thought I would take another crack at it, except something a little different.

Sunrise.So welcome to my new blog ūüôā ¬†A place that’s simply full of life…food, friends, photography, art, writing, traveling… anything and everything that’s tossed my way. ¬†But as is so typically me, I will be focusing on the positive things of life. ¬†I am a firm believer that there is a silver lining around absolutely everything, you just have to look hard… sometimes really hard…but it’s there.

So, here’s to ¬†a little light, a little love and a little laughter in life!